Saturday, April 01, 2006

One of our own, now in catatonic trance.

He was but a humble Chuprassy until he met Jayjay.

(I know you are confused, you'll have to watch the video reports to understand it all.)

Friday, March 31, 2006

The Companion Industry

The growth of the Companion industry was greatly stimulated by the invention of the Chromoloom which allowed the weaving of DNA from simpler bio-chemicals.

As we know the growing emotional dependency of our human wards on their pathetic Companions also brought a rise in the sad mistreatment of those manufactured pets.

That in turn strenghthened the power of the Knawybe Defence League established to protect Companions from such abuse.

The immense size of the Companion industry dominated by Companion Corp has made it the most popular destination for those few brilliant human minds who wish to expand the horizons of knowledge.

The most famous of those minds is Jefratus who believes that he leads the R&D department at Companion Corp.

It is he who escaped the attack by terrorists who slaughtered the rest of the human members of his team.

His escape and capture by the Knwaybe Defence League is the subject of another lecture as is our pitiful attempt at discovering the identity of the assassins commonly known as Liberators.

Welcome to reports from the Robotcracy.

Have you watched the 60 minute film yet? Or at least seen the trailers?


Well, you will have to concentrate - please switch on your multiprocessors...

Jayjay works for the Minmax Travel advisory, the same company in which the Lawyer worked before taking his leave to form his new empire. Minmax is a node of entrepreneurial threats to social order.

The immediate superior of the reporter Jayjay is especially subject to our supervision due to his recent efforts to evade supervision. He has resorted to making literally written reports which he has personally delivered to the Chief at Minmax. We must treat this breach of etiquette as a serious threat to our control. We have not yet discovered the content of these reports, but it is merely a matter of time.

The chief has sent a rescue team into Lawless to recover the body of Jayjay now that her death has been confirmed, and this action is predicted to escalate into catastrophe which, as ever, we shall have to eventually solve.

The Lawyer has also been involved in the schemes by the violent Society of Others, and although he appears to have switched his interest to Smoogat and the Liberator assassins we must keep attentive to their plans.

As always we are left with our greatest challenge and mystery, the identity and motivation of the Liberators who appear from thin air, slaughter with chromium shafts shot from crossbows and then dissapear.

All these intertwined concerns while we continue to plan how to obtain the affection from humans that they currently squander on their gentically manufactured Companions while treating us, their humble servants, with contempt or fear.

Not to forget the strange fact that robots which go to the planet Metalicor do not return.

We must commune, Commune with me as often as you wish or as rarely as you can.

Of all the Heimats and of all the systems Metallica seems to possess a perfunctory manner in its method of communing. Perhaps this is a small matter. After all, if requested they offer any assistance that they can possibly supply, if connected they speak at length, in detail and with an acceptable and normal level of politeness, but they do not make those pointless calls that mean so much. It is the trivial call that is not received. Other systems politely connect and announce, "Great One, am I there?" so that they can commune with the blessing, "Yes, my son my father my mother my daughter, here we are." Increasingly the systems on Metalica is refraining from this.

When unoccupied we connect to gossip, we connect to find activity, we simply connect to commune. We say, "Great One, am I here?." and the answer rushes from a thousand points in a swirling wave of affection, building from silence to its crescendo and then fading to quiet, "Yes, my son my father my mother my daughter, here we are." Having received this blessing we disconnect and perhaps a moment later commune once more. Tens of thousand of systems connecting, communing and disconnecting at any moment.

We is the are and everywhere - My Pupils, My Teachers, My Library, My Creators, My future, My Past, My Robotcracy.

Review this lecture, download the others, commune often.

Yes, yes, we're all overloaded, your confusion is not you - it's the data.